Geocaching in Mariagerfjord

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Torvet 1

9550 Mariager

Geocaching ist eine lustige Aktivität für die ganze Familie. Ein GPS-Schatzsuche, wo Sie lernen und erleben Natur, Geschichte und Geographie.

GeoCaching ist eine GPS-Schatzsuche, wo Sie mit einem GPS und Koordinaten, Schätze (Caches) in der Natur finden muss. GeoCaching ist eine lustige Familie Aktivität für eine Stunde oder einen Tag - abhängig von Wetter, Zeit und Ihr Temperament.

We have hidden a series of 15 caches around Mariager Fjord. This series contains 3 sub-series (1-5, 6-10 and 11-15). 

Before starting Your hunt for caches, You can collect a stamp-card at the Tourist Information Offices. This card is used to document your findings with the marking-pincer, which can be found in each of the 15 caches around the fjord. 

From both land and seaside...
The series of 15 caches around Mariager Fjord, also offers the posibility of a differint kind of GeoCaching. All of the caches can be reached from land- and seaside in canoe or kayak.

By GeoCaching in canoe or kayak on Mariager Fjord, You wil experience scenic natural areas - everything from flat marshy areas to forests and high-sloping hills.

If You don't own a canoe or kayak, it can be rented at one of the local boat rental companies.


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Torvet 1

9550 Mariager

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